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Shamarra Alpacas

Shamarra Alpacas is a 35-hectare alpaca farm located near beautiful  Akaroa in the South Island of New Zealand. Shamarra has now grown to now have the largest herd in New Zealand with around 700 Alpacas.

Producing some of the finest Alpaca fleece, Shamarra has a range of beautiful knitwear products that can be purchased at the farm shop or on their online store. They also offers guided farm tours which are especially popular with tourists that arrive in Akaroa harbour.

Having seen some of Clockwise’s design work online, Shamarra got in touch in 2014 seeking a brand modernisation and refresh.

Through the development process, we decided to stay away from the more typical and expected Alpaca animal shapes. Instead, an ‘S’ quality mark symbol was developed. A logo that embraced the natural quality and colours of the Alpaca fleece, and celebrated the quality of the knitwear products.  The new logo and branding is now in full use across a broad spectrum of mediums, both in print and online.

This page is currently under re-development. Shamarra Alpacas is ongoing some modernising and refinement of their brand, which is switching to a newly refined simplified design.

Clockwise is currently working with Shamarra and we will slowly be replacing print and marketing material as required with the newly updated branding.

Below is what is currently in use. We will be updating this page with new material as it is being created.

As the farm shop became more popular with the visitors, we then looked to create an attractive yet practical hang tag and point of sale material to be applied to most of the product. A lot of information needed to be on the hang tag, so Shamarra opted to have it in 3 parts. The front branding, general Alpaca fibre information and the care instructions.

A lot of the Shamarra marketing material has evolved over time. The shop DL flyer is a perfect example of this. It’s been through a few versions, featuring different product and slightly different messaging. This one pictured below is the latest shop flyer, encouraging visitors to also visit the online shop. Key messages are also displayed in Chinese.
Since the initial rollout of the new logo design, we have created a few variations of the logo as situations have arisen. A simple version of the symbol design without the dark background circle, a feature ‘badge’ or ‘stamp’ style for additional use on advertising, and a monochrome version that was required for some fabric product tags.
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Shamarra Alpacas over the years. I look forward to continued projects featuring the gorgeous alpacas, their incredible knitwear products and the beautiful farm in which they are produced.

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