NZ telehealth

In 2016 the ‘NZ Telehealth Resource Centre’ and the ‘New Zealand Telehealth Forum’ merged to be one identity. Clockwise was contracted to create the new brand to represent the coming together of the two identities into one collective Telehealth organisation.

The logo design incorporates the green cross that symbolises the health sector, while also being a ‘t –  for Telehealth’ initial. The fading pixels on the left represent the visual aspect and screen technology that telehealth is based on.

Clockwise continues to work with NZ Telehealth creating various graphics for both print and web.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Branding
>> Digital Marketing
>> Signage & Displays
>> Web Design
>> Print Design

Website design specs and layout was created by Clockwise. Website build was outsourced.

Above: Telehealth stand at a recent conference. Custom portable display panels providing the perfectly branded backdrop.


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