Flightcert design and built aircraft maintenance software for the aviation industry. The software is designed to benefit aircraft owners and engineers to simplify the complex task of tracking all aircraft maintenance. Over the years I’ve worked with Flightcert to build on their brand, create new promotional and marketing assets for both print and digital purposes.

I was asked to create a brand that reflected the aviation industry and a mark of quality, assurance and safety. The logo design created embraces these aspects in a number of key design elements, the flight wings off the ‘f’,  the brand colour and the liftoff ‘tick’ which can also be interprited as an aircraft at takeoff.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Branding
>> Print Design
>> Advertising Design
>> Web Design
>> Exhibition Display
>> Brochure Design

Above: New custom web icons for the Flightcert frontend website.
For more on Flightcert, visit the more in-depth case study.

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