clever medkits

This is Clever Medkits, the smartest and sexiest first aid kit alive! Invented and designed right here in Christchurch, NZ.

Clockwise has been proud to be a part of this project and has been a part of Inventory Tech Ltd’s Clever Medkit project since the very beginning. Designing it’s visual identity to represent such a beautiful product needed a fine balance between technology and customer usability and engagement. The very first Clever Medkit kit design was originally a green cross shape, that feature heavily influenced the original logo design. As the product grew and evolved, the brand also needed to be changed and updated. While still using the green cross that portrays the medical aspect of the product, the new logo symbol is now linked and connected to symbolise the Clever Medkit inventory analysis and cloud based technology.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Branding
>> Print Design
>> Product Graphics
>> Marketing Material
>> Display Design
>> Company Profile
>> Presentations

Above: Clever Medkits Logo Design. Created to be versatile enough reversed out on a dark background or the standard version on a white background.

Above: Clever Medkits extended branding alongside a kit prototype being currently developed.

Above: Clever Medkits Information Memorandum brochure design.

Above: A spread from the Clever Medkits Marketing brochure.


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