Chalky Carr Trust

It was my absolute pleasure late last year to design this logo for the Chalky Carr Trust. An initial type logo ‘CC’ that binds and forms together into an upward progressive point, symbolic of being lifted and having courage moving forward, together.
Very sadly Chalky passed away in 2018. The trust is in incredibly good hands and doing a fantastic job continuing to raise money for those bound together by cancer in Chalky’s good name.

Get behind and support this fantastic cause.

Work has included:

>> Logo Design
>> Branding
>> Print Design
>> Event Assets
>> Marketing Material

In 2018 launched the Inaugural Chalky Carr Trust Gala Dinner and Auction. The proceeds from the event went towards 15 specialist oncology chairs for the Christchurch hospital. The night was a huge success raising enough money for all the chairs and some left in the pot to go towards the next CCT fundraising chapter. Below are some print design and marketing material provided for the gala event.

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